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  1. Aquarius: Wind Fair Constellation
    Lucky color: blue -green blue -green
    Lucky day: Wednesday
    Lucky numbers: 4,8
    Lucky location: busy place and metropolis city
    gemstone: red garnet
    eq index: 72-84
    Trax of Aquarius: Virgo is the most criminal to interrupt others' words, and criticize it when he hear the unexpected speech. I do n’t like to talk about things rationally rationally, and I ca n’t get any true evidence. You should learn the optimism of people, and you don't need to investigate everything.
    The appearance of Aquarius: Most of the Aquarius has a pair of agile eyes, towering noses and small lips, the lower jaw lines are soft, slightly round, and the appearance is comprehensive. But it is not particularly prominent.

    This is Cinimi, who lives in Troy. The Great God Xie Ens called him to heaven because of the beauty of his beauty and let him serve at the banquet. The water bottle he held was often filled with the sources of Yingzhi, and it was endless.

    The bottle is a dusk in mid -November. In the southern sky, the constellations can be seen. The sun will pass through this constellation from 1/21 to 2/18, which is the season of Lichun. Aquarius born in the cold and spring in the cold is a person with calm and intellectual and warm feelings. The guardian star of Aquarius -Uranus

    The guardian star of Aquarius is Uranus. It is the god star of the sky and represents free wisdom that is not restrained. Therefore, Aquarius people have orthodox moral concepts, free thoughts, and talents that create beauty. In addition, there are keen reasoning and gorgeous words to attract and persuade people.

    Gifts and lucky flowers

    Gifts to Aquarius

    Even if the object is small but strives to feel strong, the packaging must have a unique design. In terms of items, such as classical lift lights, mirrors, classical pattern cards, etc. are not common.

    The lucky flower of the water bottle is Chun and Sakura Hydrah

    nThis positive, wind -like constellation, guardian planet: Tianwangxing (traditionally Saturn) Aquarius has a pair of smart eyes, tall nose and small lips. It is handsome and beautiful, but it is not particularly prominent. It is unfortunately the shortcomings of the spirit of reform and compassion, full of reform and noble sentiments.

    The origin of the myth

    Ganymede of Troy's prince (Ganymede) is a golden beautiful boy. One day he was suddenly changed by JUZE when he was shepherd. The eagle catchs Olympus and is responsible for marrying Princess Xibi, who is responsible for marrying Hygris. In the ancient Rome, when the sun was located in the first month of the constellation, it was the rainy season, so it was named Aquarius.

    Pet character analysis

    The advantages are strong curiosity, independent, blog love, friendliness, loyalty, reliable, vision, novelty, novelty, keen mind, good at mind, good at good, good at being good Observe and have the spirit of reform.

    The disadvantages of weird personality, excessive persistence, new and different, easy to exaggerate problems, stubbornness, ink conservation rules, unknown change, too idealism, stubbornness, extreme, rebellious, incompatible.

    The personality because of Uranus's guardian, the people in Aquarius need to be accompanied by friends. They feel that the people around them are friends, and even marriage will not reduce their attention to friendship. Once the water bottle is a Aquarius, When people are friends, they will get their unwavering loyalty.

    The people in Aquarius may experience various feelings, but they will never feel lonely. However, the people of water bottle need to pay attention to the moderate sacrifice for friends.

    The people always make people feel kind and friendly. The first impression is that they are full of compassion and understanding, but they are good at keeping away from others and have some elusive. On the one hand, they are a little elusive. On the one hand It is helpful, but on the other hand, it is difficult for others to build a close relationship with him.

    In the twelve constellations, Aquarius can be said to be the most rational one. The observation of things can change the angle at any time, analyze complex problems, and accurately predict the possible results.

    The stubbornness of the potentially stored in the water bottle is usually not easy to reveal. The general impression given is soft, comfortable, calm and objective observation, positive and strong knowledge, firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpower and firm willpay The fair judgment, but because of its positive personality, he hates the gesture of the villain who meets and has a fair and selfless side. This hard attitude is easy to be misunderstood as thin feelings. Without the principle of not violating, it is better to integrate it. Because of excessive calmness and rationality, it lacks humanity, which has a great impact on interpersonal relationships.

  2. Aquarius (should be a treasure bottle, the earliest translation error, translated into "water bottle")

    one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. The center is located at 22:40 at the Chi Jing, and the redness of red latitudes is -13 °. The area is about 980 square meters. In the south of the Pegasus and Pisces, the north of the South Fish seat. There are 113 stars such as the visual star in the seat, and there are 17 stars that are on. There are 17 stars 4.

    In January 21st to February 19th dominated the planet: Uranus (symbolizing wisdom and variables)

    Properties: Wind phase constellation
    n n : The 11th Palace of the Twelfth Palace of the Yodo

    The patron saint: Greece -Uranos Rome -Uranos

    Curious, smart, humanitarian, thoughtful

    negative traits: cold, unconnected, lonely, unstable, large change, unpredictable
    n three parties: fixed

    The biggest feature: Seeking

    Keywords: friend

    representative number: Saturday

    , Ankle

    color: bronze color

    Jewelry: black pearl, amethyst

    : 22

    Chat Lucky: Blue and green (The representative color of this constellation is a free blue, but it often sways between blue and wisdom. Two colors of blue -green)

    Best accessories: Watch

    R n
    This breakthrough point: follow the trend

    Ideal work: original, computer, scientific researcher

    R n
    It life pain: conservativeism, misunderstanding emotions

    The fate constellation: Gemini, Libra
    Featured: freedom, blog love, anti -traditional, self -centered, cold

    Gold sentence: think at another angle

    n In the city of Troy, there is a handsome prince. His handsome appearance was sighing even in the city.

    one day, the god world will host a banquet, but a girl who poured wine for Zeus was injured, so no one could replace this job. So Zeus was very distressed and didn't know how to distinguish it. The gods saw Zeus so troubled and wanted to help find someone to replace, but the girl introduced, Zeus was not very satisfied.

    One day, Apollo came to Troy City and saw the handsome prince playing with the palace girl. He thought that there was such a handsome prince in the world, so Apollo returned to the god of God and reported to Zeus to report the situation he saw in True City. Zeus felt incredible and wanted to see Prince Troy himself.

    Is when Zeus saw Prince Troy, he thought about it every day, so Zeus had an evil idea to brew in his heart.

    Zeus came to the city of Troy again. When Prince Troy acted alone, Zeus turned into a big eagle. When the prince's attention was noticed, he grabbed the prince and returned to God.

    Prince Troy came to the god of God. Zeus asked him to replace the injured girl to pour Jess, so the prince had to stay in the God of God in the case of helplessness.

    The prince missed his hometown and his family very much. At the same time, King Troy also missed the prince very much. I don't know where he went. Zeus felt ashamed that the prince could not bear to lose weight every day, so he dreamed to the king and told him the situation of the prince in the God of God. In order to comfort the king, a few gods and horses were given to the king for comfort.

    . Zeus also asked the prince to go back to Troy City to see the king, and then returned to the god of the gods to make wine for Zeus.

    Whenever you look at the starry sky at night, do you see a shining water bottle star, and you are pouring wine for you!

    The characteristics of the birth of the birth of the birthday or the sun in the winter

    After the people who are full of absolute consciousness, the novels are constantly flashing in their minds Aquarius person with weird thoughts. You often don't consider some specific aspects of things, and blindly promote their progress. You are a pioneering person

    The people in Aquarius are higher than instinct and are a pioneer figure. You are not interested in yesterday but tomorrow. You like to take a super -speed "Xiehe" aircraft, and are unwilling to ride a bicycle. You are obsessed with Strauss's beautiful melody and don't like to listen to Mozart's little night song. Lack of realistic concepts, when you are immersed in a certain idea, you will sleep and forget to eat. People rush to associate with you because of your innovative spirit and pioneering thoughts, and see the positive ways, idealism, magnificent, and noble virtues that are born. But you lack realistic attitudes, frenzy, and life without life and countless things in your hearts. This will eventually make people feel bored.

    The people in Aquarius are very powerful people. You yearn for a good affection for people, but you are unwilling to be affected by emotional. You like to enrich your ideological realm, like to broaden your horizons during your trip, and like to understand your ideological views in interaction with people. Aquarius people cannot endure any constraints, and you will never force yourself to obey any discipline. If something arouses your interest, you can make great efforts for it. A monotonous life will make you upset, and even a perverted psychology that makes people around you unbearable. Humor is too good, sometimes cold and frosty, which is puzzling. This is often a person who is not easy to get along. You ca n’t live in lies, too straightforward, you will be considered a weird person. In fact, people do n’t really understand you.

    The theory, Aquarius people are good at re -organizing everyone's spiritual and material life. But in fact you do not have the talent of materialism, because you lack the necessary means. The people you interact with and meet your friendship will play an important role in your destiny. Your life is inseparable from friends. Generally speaking, at a difficult time, you will always get the help of relatives, friends, and even people who do not know each other, and you are always preparing to help and support those who suffer in troubles, sometimes even ignore everything about yourself. If you believe in people, it may cause huge material losses. In fact, if you really involve money, you are not tempted, and you don't think it doesn't matter if poverty is still rich. You can adapt to a frugal life well, and you don't know how to stun your mind for wealth. Aquarius is the pioneer of new ideas. If you give you full freedom of action and let you think and decide as you want, then you will show excellent work. You are an innovator, endless thoughts and sudden intuition, so that you can predict the future. Many science fiction writers, inventors, your birthday palace map is strongly affected by Aquarius or Uranus. This person is interested in discovery and exploration and everything about pioneering, as well as aviation and rockets, and you may also innovate in photography and film art.

    Different people in Aquarius

    Male in Aquarius

    The inner world of Aquarius is extremely complicated and difficult to understand. Your appearance is simple and straightforward, but the inner psychology is always hovering in the realm of paradox and contradictions. Generally speaking, you are enthusiastic about people and are willing to help others. But in some special cases, you will also perform extremely indifferent and unpopular.

    You has both personality and charm. This is a person who can make you love. You are unwilling to do things in accordance with the rules and regulations, and you can't stand any constraints.

    In fact, you like more friendship and not love, because love will hinder your skeptical contemplation: who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? But you will also be devoted to the embrace of love, or idealize everything.

    Due to the influence of Saturn, Aquarius's male personality is relatively indifferent, lonely, and philosophical. If Tian Wangxing and influence have a great influence, this man will become very humorous, like to interact with others, and be curious about all new things.

    Aflowers at the age of 40 often occur in unavoidable destiny life turns. You will change your life, abandon the past, and go to the new future.

    The women who are in Leo in Leo will be in conjunction. You all have the desire to become a strong person and are equally talented people.

    The woman who lives in harmony with you will continue to motivate you from spirit and career.

    The and charming Libra women can give you the power of artistic creation.

    The women in the water bottle

    The curiosity, often combining strong desires and independence spirit. She is an anti -custom and unwilling to follow the voice, and speaks and do things with her interests.

    . She hopes that everything can choose and act freely. However, her response is unpredictable, and sometimes even makes people doubt her sense of reason, which is particularly manifested on the issue of love. Her emotions are closely related to her imagination. She not only likes people in reality, but also likes the people who come out of her hallucinations. In fact, her heart often stagnates in love, especially when Venus or the moon is in her birthday palace map.

    . She is easy to go to extremes. She may have the purest heart and ideal love, and may become completely indifferent and ruthless. Don't disappoint her, otherwise it will be unable to lose her. However, once she really discovered her love, she would dedicate all her wisdom, all sincerity, and everything she had to her love.

    . Her love life is romantic and more free than the traditional program. She hopes to develop an eternal and long -lasting love relationship on the basis of friendship.

    For her, independence is much more precious than the satisfaction of pure love life. Therefore, the lover of Aquarius women must pay attention to respecting this personality of her wife. In this way, your love will be healthy.

    men who are in Leo in the Star in Leo will have a good opinion of you. You have a common desire for your career and a common pursuit.

    This men's curiosity and sincere friendship will impress your heartstrings. You will live harmoniously in your interests.

    The inspiration of Libra men and longing for beauty will evoke the love of Aquarius women.

    Children of Aquarius

    All new things will be seen in the eyes of Aquarius children, which may be a small inventor. You like people to show you, tell you and make you understand the truth. Your ability to accept is extremely strong, and you will soon have different opinions and opinions. Aquarius children may be smart, and they may have no interest in their knowledge. This mainly depends on the content of the discipline or your emotions. This is a more wayward child. Your contradiction may reach the pole. In "Impressions", you sometimes get an incomprehensible psychology.

    The children in Aquarius are very independent. They always like to go to the ideological realm to find what they need, instead of being willing to spend a lot of money on material interests. In terms of creation and innovation, many favorable things are waiting for you, but you never meet the benefits, but just do what you like.

    . Your ideal path is the field of space and aviation. Electronics, information, electricity, photography, film, mysterious or philosophy, company, and related uranium or radium occupations.

    The basic personality of people born in different 10 ° of water bottle

    birthday date: January 21 to January 31

    personality characteristics : This is a person with strong sex and strange temper. Multi -talented talents, creative talents and independence spirit. It is generous, fragile, and does not like rude and rude heart full of good desires, but the real interests are in your aspect or spiritual aspect of your material.

    The source of power: Create

    On birth date: February 1st to February 9th

    Personalistic characteristics: Only in order to be almost all concentrated in intelligence Or spiritual life. The field of vision is open, the thought is active, has a keen intuition, and a sense of humor. It is easy to get along, but always cautious, giving people a sense of flowing foreign country. You have deep interest in all pioneering causes, inventions, cutting -edge science, reform and innovation, and mysterious science. The people around you may have a great impact on your life and career.

    The power source: intelligence

    birth date: February 10th to February 19th

    Personalistic characteristics: keen intuition, good at thinking, thinking of thinking The mind will give you the first spirit. Real intellectual talent and artistic inspiration will be manifested in your career, but it will also lead to your utopian imagination. People born at 10 ° often do not adapt to the laws of daily life. Love or marriage will profoundly affect your destiny and future. There is a tendency to independence or alone.

    The source of power: foreseeable

    Coun people born in Aquarius are:
    Verne (France (France (France (France (France (France (France (France (France (France Writer, Modern science fiction novels),
    Lincoln (16th President of the United States),
    Edison (American inventor),
    n Dian (American film actor).
    · Super model Aquarius Wang Haizhen
    Film and television artist Aquarius Wang Peirong
    Su Jin
    The famous singer Akikari Sicium Gehri
    Film and television artist Aquarius Song Xinni
    Peng Ling
    The famous host Ni Ping
    billionaire Aquarius Lin Yashi
    Angel dust water bottle Lin Xinru
    Li Xiang
    The movie Red Star Aquarius Li Lizhen
    The famous host Aquarius Ju Ping
    The famous singer Mo Bingka Jihong
    R n Film and television actor Aquarius Fan Wenfang
    This perfume bottle Teng Lijun
    nAmanda strang
    The charm treble singer Vitas
    Luo Wen
    This bold water bottle Du Dewei

    January 20 Abdriflo (director); George Berg (musician) n January 21 Renjieniax (athlete); Eisen Oman (musician)
    January 22 Bacon (scientist); Rolls Peton (poet)
    (Actor); Tian Niu (actor)
    January 24 Sona Vari (poet)
    January 25 Akhirmanlon (politician); Sam Brown (painter)
    1 Paul Newman (actor) on the 26th; Angilla. Dawi (scientist)
    January 27th Lin Xinru (actor); Mozart (musician)
    January 28 Cottel (actor); dish; Jianya (actor)
    On January 29th (writer); Romario (athlete); Teresa Teng (singer)
    January 30 Franklin (politician) n January 31 Dun (Poet); Glas (musician)
    Batieztita (athlete) on February 1; Yeltsin (politician); Liang Jiahui (actor)
    February 2nd Gulita Garbao (actor); Joyce (writer)
    Costo (writer) on February 3; Boberhul (athlete)
    Erg (Painter)
    The February 5th Kodarsro (writer); Manlkin (athlete)
    Mart (poet) on February 6; Grant (athlete)
    February 7 Dickens (Writer)
    The Sima Angle (athlete)
    February 9th Bikoh Ge (musician); Zhang Ziyi (actor) n February 9th Rijial Jin Luo (writer)
    The February 11th Kamaston (inventor); Kjkitim (athlete)
    Exue (politician) on February 12; Home)
    George Ston (writer) on February 13; Shu Keri (scientist)
    The Feikedor (writer) on February 14; On the 15th Anthony (Musician); Deman (scientist)
    February 16 Requer Masda (scientist); Ke Sato (Musician)
    (Writer); John Day (Athlete)
    Swab (entrepreneur) on February 18; Robert Baggio (star)

    The people from Aquarius who have unique insights said, "I want to know."

    The way of expressing love: pay attention to friendship.

    is a person with a variable response.

    Is desire: creative friendship.

    The deceive: due to rich compassion.

    It like: Go to the strange place.

    fear: loss of freedom.

    In Inquiry: The inner connection of people and things.

    It weaknesses: personality is full of contradictions.

    The advantage: innovation spirit.

    The unfavorable condition: careless.

    Ilads to life: do not like holidays, or study novel pastime methods.

    In expenses: given to relatives and friends.

    mascot: harp snail.

    auspicious metal: platinum or radium.

    auspicious gemstone: amethyst.

    : Saturday.

    favorite color; blue and black.

    auspicious numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31.

    It favorite places: studio, photography hall, movie theater, radio station, skyscraper, tower building, radio airport, conference room, fast restaurant and learning venue.

    Ilippuling plants: fern, mimosa, Xilin taro, exotic plants.

    The residential conditions: Modern -style buildings, do not have many personal items, but there must be various novelty appliances that are convenient to live, and the vision outside the window must be widened.

    The ideal homeland: Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Soviet Union, Chile, Abecinia.

    The personality is independent and persistent. There are often some aggressive and innovative reductions, belonging to the new era, and enriching democratic consciousness. It can break the differences between social class and races, and cultivate true friendship. For some of the concepts, in order to be loyal to their beliefs, they will try to resist. People of this type are often found in the common purpose of the common purpose and people who initiate sports.

    physical health

    The people in Aquarius can work hard to work, which will lead to great changes in spiritual and physical strength. Therefore, excessive fatigue is inevitable to him. Essence Aquarius people are very sensitive to fresh air. Making more fresh air is more helpful for his physical health than any physical exercise or drug. The attack of heavy rain will inspire him, but cold will cause him to be paralyzed " Essence He is very sensitive to external forces or magnetic forces such as qigong. The two can have a healing effect on him and can be applied. The noise in the big city not only interfere with his nervous system, but also calamize his vitality. Therefore, he needs an environment that can "cultivate your mind". When he is in the embrace of nature, the magnificent scenery will bring his passion to the infinite Tianyu.
    The people in Aquarius need sodium. Sodium helps to excrete uric acid in his body and promote blood circulation. To this end, he can eat strawberries, raspberries, coriander grass, and aromatic car leaves. In addition, people in Aquarius need to supplement phosphorus. He should often eat onions, grapes, lentils, almonds and mushrooms. For this one, eating fish is more beneficial to eat meat. Grain is also an indispensable nutritional product that he is indispensable. The health plant of Aquarius is cattle (also known as Ma Yulan), which is an excellent medicine for people who are anxious. It is effective for treating insomnia and neurasthenia.

    Cla fruit has an exciting effect on the body. Avocado's nutritional and regulating nervous system. Orange, grapefruit, and Europe can increase blood vessel elasticity. Apricot can resist fatigue, all of which are the food that Aquarius should patronize. Acupuncture is one of the extremely effective ways to treat Aquarius. In addition, rich spiritual life, contemplation, and yoga skills all help to supplement and regenerate his body energy.

    The people in the human blood circulation of people in Aquarius tend to be slow. Therefore, he often feels cold. The soup below can alleviate this situation:

    amaranth ... … 30g

    leaves of walnut leaves ... 30g

    n The above -mentioned mixed plants with a spoon of a spoon per cup of water are soaked for 15 minutes. Drink one to two cups a day

    The legs and ankles are the weaknesses on the body of Aquarius. The periodic neurotic or anxious emotions will affect the normal sleep of Aquarius people and make him irritable. It is recommended to relax yourself as much as possible before going to bed, such as taking a walk and calming your mood, and then drinking a sedative drink, which will improve sleep.

  3. Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 7
    Lucky objects: Harm snails
    Lucky Day: Saturday
    Cong color: bronze color, blue, yellow r
    lucky flower: African violet, cashish, lace flower
    Lucky hobbies: various indoor and outdoor entertainment, collection, travel

  4. The guardian flower is Margaret. Fortunately, there are daffodils, cherry blossoms, three -colored violets, camellia, three -colored 堇, peony flower, African chrysanthemum, hyacinth, pineapple plant, pineapple family. (A lot of)

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