Solar cell module wiring

Determine the wiring mode of the solar cell module according to the design drawing. The wiring mode of the solar cell module should meet the requirements of the design drawing. Wiring using multi - strand copper core wire, wiring should be the first to do tin treatment. Pay attention not to connect the positive and negative poles in reverse order to ensure correct wiring. After each string of solar cell modules is connected, check whether the open circuit voltage of the solar cell module string is correct. Disconnect the cable of one solar cell module after the connection is correct to ensure the safe operation of the subsequent procedure. Connect the solar cell module to the connecting cable of the controller, and the metal armor of the cable should be treated accordingly.

According to the series and parallel design requirements of solar cell square array module, the positive and negative plates of the module are connected with cables. For solar cell modules with connection wires and connectors directly in the junction box, positive and negative polarities are marked on the connectors, so long as the connector connectors are directly inserted. After the cable is connected, fix the cable on the support with binding bands and steel wire clips to avoid wear and poor contact of the solar cable 4 mm after long-term wind blowing and shaking.

After the installation of the solar cell module, the total current and voltage should be measured first. If it does not meet the design requirements, the branches should be measured separately. Of course, in order to avoid the influence of each branch, when measuring the current and voltage of each branch, each branch should be disconnected from each other.

59f300c435c2b1726f2cbd8a78c0866bThe WIRING of the solar cell array should be supported, tightened, protected, etc. The wires should have an appropriate margin, and the wiring mode should conform to the provisions of the design drawings. Wires of different colors should be used as positive (red), negative (blue) and parallel or series connection wires, and the wire specifications should meet the design requirements. Connection wire section is greater than 6 was multi-strand wire should be equipped with copper fittings (nose), less than 6 was the single conductor cross section in the solar cell component joint line joint ring connection, the line head bending direction should be the same as that of fastening screws, each terminal allow at most two conductors, and should add shim between the two root core, all connection screws should be tightened.

The method of solar cell module series is: the positive electrode (or negative electrode) of the first module and the negative electrode (or positive electrode) of the second module are connected; ​solar cell modules are connected in parallel by connecting the positive and negative poles of the first module and the positive and negative poles of the second module. The solar modules when wiring junction box with a small screwdriver to open, the solar energy battery components the power cord with a screwdriver with small pressure to the junction box of the terminals, require the red line to the anode, the blue line to the cathode, line after good will to the junction box for waterproof nut fastening, and the terminals within the terminal box with 7091 sealed silicone, Apply the amount of glue to ensure that the wire inlet hole in the junction box is completely sealed, and then buckle the cover of the junction box. The cover of the junction box should be fastened, not reversed.

After the wiring of the solar cell array module is completed, check whether the wiring is correct according to the construction drawing. The connection cable at the outlet of the junction box of the solar cell module should be bent downward to prevent rainwater from flowing into the junction box. The solar cell cable and the square lead cable should be fixed or bundled on the support with fixing clips.

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