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  1. From ancient times to the present, the marriage of both men and women has never been a matter of two people. They are related to two families, even two families. Therefore, the marriage dowry of ancient women was also attracted by everyone at the time.
    Mades both parents will give their children a good wedding. In the ancient man, the man would go to the woman in advance, then apply for the wedding, and then discuss the marriage. Dowry. In ancient times, which items would be used to get married and dowry?
    Dowry 1: Jewelry jewelry, no matter what kind of family, the daughter's marriage is a big deal, and the daughter will be equipped with some jewelry accessories. If it is an ordinary family, jewelry, like silver, bracelets, necklaces and the like. If the daughter of a wealthy family is married, then jewelry must be chosen to choose gold and silver jewelry. Generally, gold is loved by everyone. Gold has always had the meaning of affection than Jin Jian. I also wish the newlywed couples have always been more affectionate than Jin Jian. Gold also has room for preservation and appreciation, so most families will be equipped with gold jewelry.
    Dowry 2: Various ornaments, such as copper ornaments, copper peacocks, copper dolls, can be used as the dowry of ancient women. It can add a certain atmosphere to the room and has special significance.
    Dowry three: bed quilt and other supplies. In ancient women, many families also gave their daughters to bed supplies such as quilts. They would also be called Hehuan quilt. In the long -term historical dynasty, they were given rich representation and sustenance. He Huan is impressed that the newcomer can harmony with the beauty. In ancient times, the quilt became more, the richer the woman. It is also said that the more the woman's parents love their children. The pillow is also a symbol of love, which can mean that both the husband and wife are both right like a cricket. Accompanying life, implying that the husband and wife are old and old, and the husband and wife are loving.
    Date dowry 4: Like ordinary daily necessities, hi pots, mirror scissors, abacus, embroidered shoes, etc., can also be used as a marriage item for ancient women. These are all necessities of life. Beautiful.

  2. In ancient times, women needed to prepare commonly used daily necessities when they were dowredkers, such as sheets, quilts, shoes, socks, and various styles of clothing, and their own jewelry.

  3. How much do you know about the list of ancient women's marriage with women? Since ancient times, the needle line is a must -have for female red. Whether the female red is the criterion for judging whether women can become good wives and mothers. There is a wonderful meaning of the dowry needle box, that is, I wish the bride's family warm.

  4. In the ancient dowry, we can all see in TV series. There are mainly this dowry girl, some daily necessities of this woman, and this quilt, as well as this pillow article.

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