Platinum diamond ring

My friend bought a platinum diamond ring and felt a bit light. I wonder if it was pitted? How to judge the authenticity of the platinum diamond ring?

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  1. Teach you a simple method to judge if you do not damage the ring, one is to observe through color. The nature of platinum is stable, pure white, shiny, and silver is white. The color of white K gold is white and beige. Be careful from these colors. The second method is heavy. Platinum density reaches 21.45, which is heavier than gold, silver, and white K gold at the same volume. It is obviously heavy. Through these two methods, you can judge whether it is a platinum ring. I hope you can find the suitable DR true love diamond ring that is suitable for your own.

  2. 铂金是PT,白金是75%的黄金合金,现在来看价格相差不大,颜色也一样,铂金软些,白金硬度高些,铂金的物理属性更恒定些,但一般人都感觉不出来,所以, If you like the pure concept of PT, you can choose platinum. But big diamonds, it is recommended to choose platinum, high hardness, more firm inlay, not easy to lose. After all, Cla diamond is expensive
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