2 thoughts on “Can I change my ring invoice to buy a diamond ring?”

  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the merchant who sells the ring of the original ring, find out the invoice deposit and copy a copy and stamped with its sealn(1) Consumers can take the initiative to contact the merchant and negotiate to solve the problem. (2) If it is not a consensus, you can seek the help of the Consumer Association and intervene in the mediation. (3) If the jewelry store finds the invoice of the invoice when the consumer originally purchased the diamond ring, it can be processed according to the loss of invoices. (4) Consumer consumers should also pay the fees for invoicing. (5) If there are no invoices and certificates, the jewelry store cannot find the invoice deposit when consumers originally purchased the diamond ring. Consumers proposed to change the purchase. The jewelry store can estimate it. Essence No way, you can’t prove that you can’t prove that you are buying here. They all have to make accounts. If you know the employees inside and find a way to help coordinate, it may be possible. If the size is inappropriate, who should sell it on the day, tell them to change it, and may charge a certain fee. If the style doesn’t like it, there is no way. Invoices are the voucher for you to buy things in this store. If not, people have the right to refuse to serve you.

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