3 thoughts on “Go to drink full moon tomorrow, what gift is best to give.”

  1. Our children's full moon is a red envelope, which is a congratulations to the children's meeting in this world. In addition, some of them have gifts, such as eggs, clothes, bags, toys, blankets, etc.

    The red envelope for children. Give it according to the situation, one or two hundred people. There are more people in their own homes, there are 500, one thousand, etc. Anyway, in their own home, it is mainly to alleviate the child hospitalization costs and buy children's daily necessities. , To help life.

    This to buy eggs, nutrition, etc., is to allow mothers to increase nutrition and better take care of their children. When buying clothes, we can wear it for children when going out. Bags, similar to cloaks, can wrap children when they go out, and can be a small quilt at home. The blanket can also be paved, cap, and children.

    The buy toy is waiting for the child to play. There are bells to help children listen to the sound. There are colorful paintings to help children identify colors. There are letters and rhymes to help children learn.

  2. It is nothing more than to get toys or clothes that are used for a few months, or a small cart, or if you really can't think of it, buy your clothes, and then give you auspicious red envelope to see your friendship. If you have a good friendship, it is particularly good , Board the red envelope, and then bring some gifts. If generally, I think you can buy a better gift. Since you go to drink full moon wine, you should have a good relationship. If you buy clothes Yes, you and the salesperson will understand when you talk about others, and you will help you pay, that is, the price problem, pick a better high -end

  3. We are the most direct and affordable to send a red envelope. Special good friends can buy a small jewelry to give it to the children. Or buy milk powder and diapers, buy a bracelet is pretty good

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