Have you encountered the phenomenon of WeChat plus friends to send small gifts? What do you think of such marketing methods?

Many people will use the code to send gifts to get customers in order to publicize it. Do you think you do this?

2 thoughts on “Have you encountered the phenomenon of WeChat plus friends to send small gifts? What do you think of such marketing methods?”

  1. I have encountered this phenomenon, and some are really for customers. It ’s too much to be entangled. I think it’ s a bit difficult!

    Sometimes you encounter this situation. When you refuse countless times, he will still be tangled with you, and he wants to spray him at that time. But think about me being a handsome and high -quality college student, give him a big smile, and then say sorry, just go forward without looking back!

    The deepest impression of my impression was that I went to the school restaurant to eat with my dormitory in the last semester. It seemed that in the summer, I suddenly came to a young lady. When you come to us, you say, "Handsome guy, help me busy (especially gentle tone)!"

    and then got a QR code hanging on her chest In front of us, let's help us to scan and register a thing. As for me, I was buried there, and then a roommate said that his mobile phone was not brought (really there was a).

    . She let go of that roommate and turned to a few of us, and then I said decisively, sorry, I can't help this. It was just that she did not give up and said that it was ten yuan for each of us (we are high -quality college students, is it a matter of money? It's not enough for you to give money! Hahaha, make a joke)!

    but we still refused, so we let the younger sister talk about the smallpox, and we did not help. In the end, she could only leave embarrassingly and went to the classmates who had dinner in the next table!

    Really, I didn't know how annoying she was at that time, just ten minutes there, and it was summer, it was hot when eating! Haven't you heard that in winter, don't block the sun, don't the wind block in summer?

    So, even if you want to pull customers, don't get it up!

  2. I often encounter this situation, and I personally like to accept this. Because it is an online age, e -commerce is a common phenomenon of 10 points. Selling things in the circle of friends, the same situation is the same as the stall outside the ground, but the current era is different. Therefore, many e -commerce companies will add small gifts as friends, so that more and more people in his friends will be more and more people, and the chance of selling products will become greater.
    This friends brushed the circle of friends and saw that there was a micro -merchant feeling particularly annoying, and immediately blocked the other party. In fact, such a personality is inappropriate. A person's thought must keep up with the trend of the times. The rain dew is stained in this society.

    I found a lot of friends around me. The God of Wealth will also satisfy their wishes, that is, they will not bother him

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