What is the position of a woman's orgasm?

What is the position of a woman's orgasm? Orgasms can improve the quality of a couple's sex life and make their relationship sweeter. So, what is a woman's position for orgasm? Let BBW Sex Dolls tell you.

1. What is the position of female orgasm?

1, male and female

This is maybe the best sexual position. When a woman takes the initiative, she can decide whether to achieve orgasm by stimulating the Y pedicle or the G spot. Both types of orgasm can be achieved in this position. To ensure orgasm through stimulation of the Y-pedicle, she should ask for the torso to be tilted forward and the back to be bent in an arch so that the crotch is as close to the base of your Y-stem as possible.

In addition to the general up and down movement, try moving laterally to the left and right sides to truly stimulate the sensitive spots. Lift up tough, hug her tight and add some fun to the "heart to heart" move. To stimulate her G-spot as often as possible, prop her hand back. It should be known that this sexual position requires the woman to move up and down, and the Angle can be difficult to master.

2. Men stand and women sit

Using this position can stimulate the G-spot for a short time. However, as well as maximising the chances of sexual arousal, this position can also make you vulnerable to premature ejaculation. Because of the angle of insertion, the way the Y-stem rubs inside her makes it difficult to control your own orgasm.

Another benefit of this unconventional sexual position is the novelty it provides. This door insertion accentuates the feeling of having sex outside the bedroom, which also adds to the fun.

3. Back entry

In general, most men prefer this sexual position. The woman knelt on the bed with her hands supporting her; ​the man knelt behind her. This position is extra powerful, simply touching her G-spot and giving her an entirely fresh feeling of orgasm. You can make your movements slightly larger, but do so in moderation so as not to cause her pain. While touching the G-spot, try touching her Y toe with your hand to give her a double feeling of beauty.

2. Effective sexual skills

1. Sexual novelty arouses passion on both sides

Sex requires constant innovation. Only with innovation can we maintain the freshness of sex and never feel bored. Let her know you're a huge risk taker! Don't be limited by tradition. Many people forbid fresh attempts and searches, not because it causes physical pain, but because of psychological barriers. One of the most sexually arousing issues is watching the other masturbate; ​not only is this not insulting, but it can improve your sex life by making both partners more aware of your partner's most sensitive areas.

2. Taking protective measures can move women

If you don't plan to have children, always remember to use protection. Women are easily moved by men taking protective measures. Remember to choose a reliable condom. Women may feel disrespected and hurt by men refusing to wear condoms. In addition, if they get pregnant unexpectedly and have to have an abortion, it will do great harm to the women physically and mentally. Not only will it affect her future orgasmic experience, but it will also damage her physical and mental health.

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