How do you bring a woman to orgasm? Couple sex attention 2 big matters

How do you bring a woman to orgasm? Of course, sometimes a woman's sex drive is lazy and orgasm is difficult to achieve. Don't worry about that, but how do you give a woman an orgasm? Can it be done with mini sex doll usa?

One, How to bring a woman orgasm

1. Unpredictable kisses

Even those who have no sexual experience understand that kissing is an essential part of sex and goes through the whole process. Lips are extremely sensitive, in fact, only penises have more nerves and higher sensitivity than lips, and the following can make a difference: Lip bump: You and her slide around the edge of your lips as if you were catching a pudding falling out of a spoon. Tongue Method: The tissue under the tongue is extremely sensitive, as is the bulge under the upper lip. Sucking: Sucking on your partner's tongue stimulates the salivary glands below, allowing her to produce sweet saliva. How to blow: Inhale and suck out her moist lips, which are especially sexually arousing.

2. Leave her some clothes

Some people say that a naked woman's body is the greatest temptation for men. In fact, half covered, if there is no woman's body, it is the greatest temptation for men. At the same time, it's a stimulus for women. So, during sex, don't strip her suddenly, not right slowly. Leave her tank top, or don't take-off her tall heels; ​even a necklace and two earrings are sufficient to make you highly excited. These bondage clothes and accessories will also considerably stimulate her body and mind sexy valve. Ignite a woman's hunger immediately. Men need this power.

3. Stimulate women slowly

There is an ancient Chinese saying that a hasty mind cannot eat hot tofu, which can also be applied to sex. It never tastes as good as it does when it's simmered. Kiss like glass on your lips, lick like dust on an antique, touch like ointment on the back of a scalded hand..​ In short, directing your mouth, tongue, and hands in cinematic slow motion will make her skin more sensitive than ever.

4. ​Occasionally I get violent with her.​

Both men and women have more or fewer abusive tendencies deep down inside. ​Thus, being a real man and not just blindly teasing trolls can also be called passionate sex! As long as the time is right and the temperature is just right, you can try a highly masculine and masculine approach; ​it's okay to grab her hair, press her wrists, press her shoulders, or even give her a gentle pat, which is also highly stimulating. However, some of the more intense moves require a premise that she totally trusts and never hurts her.

5. Let her lead your movements.​

During sex, instead of trying to control a woman's sexual pace, let her guide your behavior during sex. ​Also, be careful not to burn her off with your desire. This should be the standard for any skill you use next. For example, don't touch her attractive breasts until she stands up on her own initiative; ​swim only on her waist and belly until she holds her hands between her legs. Well, even if you think you can make her orgasm even if you don't, here's the difference between the masters and you: they can make a submissive woman into an amorous piece.

Two, husband and wife's sex precautions

1. It's not a great time to have sex. When both or one of them feels tired, they should make sure to rest in order to restore God and physical strength. During this time, developing a sex life is uncomfortable. Men who have sex while working tough not only reduce sexual pleasure but also increase post-coital fatigue. The next day, they have headaches, dizziness, weak sympathy, listless work, sore back and heavy legs, easy to vivid, premature ejaculation, impotence and other diseases; ​women who work tough and get together tend to be vivid, angry, unhappy about their sex lives and after a while become sexual widows or sexual haters.

2. Sex is coming to an end. A couple suffers from a disease. Their personality is acute phase or acute ulcerative disease. They should finish having sex for a while. Since the disease itself has already taken a toll on the body, sex will additionally deplete energy, reducing the body's disease-fighting gravity and causing the disease to reverse. Especially if one party has an infectious disease, they may also pass it on to their opponent. In addition, because of the tug of disease, sometimes it can disrupt the normal condition of the sperm or egg. When a woman has certain diseases, the internal conditions of the uterus may not be conducive to the development of a fertilized egg. Assuming a pregnancy occurs after sex at this time, the aggregation of abnormal sperm and eggs can be vivid, unpleasant and abnormal fertilized eggs. Such a fertilized egg survives in an inconvenient uterine condition. A fetus can have a lot of distracting effects.

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