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  1. Diamond, also known as diamond.
    diamonds are known as the “king of gems”. It has high hardness, high melting point, strong refractive index, strong color scattered.
    The diamond is composed of carbon. The carbon element is in the depths of the crust, about 200 kilometers, and at the high temperature of 1100 degrees to 1625 degrees Celsius, a crystal formed by crystallizing at 40,000 to 60,000 atmospheric pressure. With the bulge and sinking of the crust, or the earthquake, or the outbreak of volcanoes, the crystalline mineral -was squeezed out of the surface.
    It wearing diamond jewelry is not only durable, not afraid of burning, but also dazzling and shining.
    The price of diamonds is much higher than gold, and diamonds greater than 1 carat are very precious. Therefore, the value of diamonds is very high. People buy it have both decorative beauty and value -preserving treasures. They have always symbolized wealth and social status.

    Hey … a little nonsense:
    The purchase of diamonds is a knot. You think that a stone has experienced tens of millions of years, and you have to see the day. After selecting, pondering, you have to go to you, why isn’t it a fate? However, to have diamonds, we must first know the diamonds and unveil the mystery of the diamond.
    The know diamonds, starting from 4C: 4C is the 4 basic elements of diamonds, that is, the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, and cut (CUT). This is an evaluation gemstone Global common standards for diamond value. Among them, weight, clarity and color are the natural characteristics of diamonds, and only cutting depends on artificial technology.
    . carats are the easiest criteria for diamond 4C. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and it is divided into 100 points. A 0.59 carat diamond is 59 points. The appreciation of diamonds increases with the weight of the diamond weight. Diamonds with the same weight may be large due to different 3C standards. Therefore, the 4C standards of diamonds are important.
    The diamond clarity can be divided into LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SL1, SL2, P1, P2, and P3.
    , but everyone must understand that diamonds are taken naturally, and they are accidental. Almost all diamonds have inside or flaws. This is not too demanding.
    The diamonds have a variety of colors. In the past, colorless or close to colorlessness was valued by people. In recent years, because things are rare and expensive and consumers have different appreciation tastes, pink, blue, green and other diamond prices have shook up.
    The shape and color of diamonds, choose to wear according to their face shape, temperament, hand shape, clothing and occasions. Diamonds are very plastic. The most common is round, olive, oval, pear -shaped, heart -shaped, square and emerald. However, round diamonds are still the most popular among ladies’ diamonds.
    buying a favorite diamond ornament is eternal thing, so you should choose the one that suits you best, you like the most.

    The first country in the world to discover diamonds is India.
    The largest diamond production country in the world is Australia, with an annual output of 29 million carats.
    The most gemstone in the world is the Pletmir rock tube in South Africa.
    The largest diamond company in the world was Dai Bils, which was founded in 1880. In 1899, the company fully controlled most of the world’s diamond markets.
    The most famous cut in the world -the Polish, named Tolkowsky, designed a 58 turning cutting process in 1919. He calculated according to the diamond’s folding coefficient, which is not easy to change, and has become popular to this day.
    The largest diamond in the world was 530.2 carats. It was found in South Africa on January 25, 1905 and was processed in 1908. Known as Curon No. 1, it is now stored in the Treasure Museum in London, England.
    The largest diamonds found in our country- “Golden Rooster” diamond. In 1936, Luo Zhenbang, a peasant in Laocheng County, Shandong, picked up a large diamond weighing 281.25 carats on the banks of the Yiyu River. He was crystal clear and “golden”. He was named “Golden Rooster” and was snatched by the Japanese invaders. The whereabouts are still unknown.
    The most famous diamond “Changlin Diamond” in China. On December 21, 1977, Wei Zhenfang, a young female young woman in Changlin Village, Lingxian Township, Lintong County, Shandong, found a large diamond weighing 158.786 carats when turning the ground, named “Changlin Diamond”. The state treasury is now hidden.

  2. Diamonds can be used as decorations, jewelry or collectibles. Diamonds are much higher than gold, and diamonds are usually more precious than 1 carat. Therefore, the value of diamonds is very high. It has the effect of buying both decorative aesthetics and preservation of value -preserving treasures. It has always symbolized wealth and social status.
    Diamonds are the most precious gems in the world. It is pure and transparent, and it is a sign of love. It means the eternal pursuit and ambition of love. Especially the diamond ring presented by a lover, it is best to wear it on your fingers to fully express your attention to your lover.
    Extension information:
    1. Do not touch the diamond surface of the diamond jewelry directly with your hands. Use clean toilet paper or wipe gold cloth.
    2. Regularly check whether the diamond is loose, and find that loosening should be replaced in time, and the severe ones must be replaced by new inlay.
    3, avoid contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume, nail polish, so as not to affect the brightness of diamonds.
    4. When taking a bath by the beach, remove the diamond products to avoid chemical reaction color oxidation caused by the contact of the seawater.
    5. Diamonds lose their luster due to the staining of dirt and dust. You only need to use a hair dryer to use a hair dryer to dry and dry it.
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  3. The role of diamonds is:
    If industrial field:
    Glorae and petroleum drilling beever diamond, brushed mold, diamond, diamond, diamond, diamond meter, diamond, crafts, crafts, and crafts Vajrayana. If it is painted on the sound paper basin, the sound quality of the speakers will be greatly improved.
    The diamonds appear to be shining under the light due to the high refractive index, becoming the favorite gem of ladies. Giant drills can be valuable. The price of a deep -colored diamond is higher. The most expensive colored diamond is a slight blue water blue diamond.
    Extension information:
    The method of finding diamond ore based on the instructions of minerals is not suddenly discovered by the day. In the 1970s, John Jani, a global chemist at the Smithson Institute in the United States, carefully studied the relationship between garnet and diamonds, and published his research results.
    , before that, in the 1950s, the geological staff of Debiels had long been looking for diamond mines in the world according to instructions.
    The diamond ore was found around the world. Among them, Australia, Congo, Russia, Botswana, and South Africa are the famous five major diamonds.
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  4. Diamonds, namely diamonds, are mainly used as follows:
    1, diamonds in the field of industrial and scientific and technological fields, in general, they are used as engineering materials and functional materials. In more than half a century after the advent of artificial diamonds, it is mainly used as engineering materials, such as making mills, drilling tools, sawing tools, cutting tools, etc.
    2, diamond film is a brand new diamond product developed in the 1970s. Because it breaks through the limitation of the traditional artificial diamonds represented by the static pressure method, the excellent performance of the optics, thermalism, and electronics of diamonds can be used.
    3. Scientists combine the puffedin to the surface of nano -diamonds, and then introduced into leukemia cells. It is found that nano -diamonds can transport drugs to cancer cells without being excreted. Nano -diamonds can be easily released due to its non -incompatibility and unique surface characteristics without blocking blood vessels.
    The expansion information:
    has a variety of colors, from colorless to black, which is good for colorless. They can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Many diamonds are yellow, mainly because diamonds contain impurities. The refractive index of diamonds is very high and the color scattered performance is also very strong. This is why diamond reflects colorful and flashing.
    Itdracks will emit blue -green fluorescence under X -ray. Vajrayana is only produced in the kinbarie rock tube or a few potassium magnesium porphyry. Kimbelite and others are their mother rocks, and diamonds in other places are moved by rivers, glaciers, etc. Vajrayana is generally granular. If diamond heated to 1000 ° C, it will slowly turn into graphite.
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