Is it useful to buy jewelry jewelry and read the jewelry certificate?

Is it useful to buy jewelry jewelry and read the jewelry certificate?

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  1. It depends on which certificate is issued. If it is a national inspection, it is useful, but the actual situation is that many of them are identified by the pheasant institution, and even those who directly forge the certificate are commonplace. The other is that the certificate only proves the authenticity, and the value is very different. For example, the jadeite of the same size, the certificate only tells you that he is true emerald, and the price is likely to from dozens to millions. Most people cannot treat them at all. Perform accurate evaluation. Therefore, the water is too deep, and if there are no professional guidance around, it is not recommended to touch it.

  2. Hello, one of my job jewelery appraisers.
    The questions you asked, the above friends answered relatively biased.
    I is an appraisal agency, and it is not Wang Po who sells melons.
    The appraisal center issued a certificate of about 150,000 per year.
    This error rate The certificate we have recovered each year is less than one.
    did you say reliable or reliable?

    The friends above I feel bad.
    It money can you do? Intersection Intersection
    is, it is necessary to charge for an appraisal certificate.
    It does we need a certificate?
    The most basic, do you always ask for paper?

    News have an occupational disease,
    each one is available, (I have been in contact with nearly a hundred peers and have not heard of it)
    Our eyes are all used in our eyes. Excessive eyes.
    . Each one is. During the physical examination of the unit every year, there are problems with clear eyes
    For example, me, conjunctivitis. The doctor warned me to overdo it with my eyes.
    I we only laughed: do the identification, see so many things under high -intensity lights every day, how can we not use the eyes too much?

    Sorry, I am a bit over -reaction
    Every time I see friends online, I can do it, and I am upset for our group.
    The annual sales of domestic jewelry industries in China are not less than 50 million pieces.
    The number of domestic jewelery appraisers, according to the
    of the
    of the
    of the country’s jewelry quality inspectors (CGC), less than 1,500 (exact quantity seems to be 1286).
    This are all the number of jewelery appraisers, and a small part of them have retired,
    The portrait work in jewelry companies. About 70%of people are still on the front line of appraisal work.
    Under such a heavy work, we can still ensure that the error rate is less than one in 100,000
    It, you touch your conscience and talk about it! If you say that, you can do this if you spend money? Intersection Intersection
    I I can say responsible —
    News’ professional ethics is better than vocational ethics in any domestic industry!

    This has a lot of outsourcing,
    The finally returned to the question of the landlord,
    jewelry identification certificates are reliable,
    It, rest assured, as long as it is regular ones The appraisal agency is issued,
    and the identification certificate that can be verified, you can buy it with confidence.
    , and if your diamonds are,
    It suggest that you believe in domestic appraisal certificates
    The foreign GIA IGI and other diamond appraisal certificates are not as good as domestic diamond grading certificates
    relative domestic domestic domestic The appraisal agency has controlled stricter than GIA IGI and other institutions
    This diamonds of many GIA IGI certificates to get domestic appraisal agencies for certificates
    This can not meet domestic standards.

  3. It must be useful. The jewelry certificate is the jewelry ID card. It can prove the material and quality of jewelry. When I go to Helas Hera Jewelry to buy jewelry, I will actively ask for the certificate. Essence

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