Robust AGV Transaxle for Superior Drive Performance


Rotontek's AGV Transaxle is a high-performance, durable product designed for superior drive operation. With advanced motor technology, high efficiency, and a maximum load capacity of 2000kg, it's a central component of our Transaxle for AGV solution, ensuring optimized Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems.


Rotontek is proud to introduce its robust AGV Transaxle, specifically designed for superior drive performance. A leader in the field of innovative motion technology, Rotontek is committed to delivering advanced and reliable solutions. Our product, the Rotontek AGV Transaxle, embodies this commitment.


Rotontek's AGV Transaxle exhibits exceptional power performance and durability, underpinning its excellent drive capabilities. The specific product specifications are as follows:

  • Voltage: 48V DC
  • Power Output: 1500W
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Max Load Capacity: 2000 kg
  • Torque: 320 N.m
  • IP Grade: IP54

These specs ensure that our transaxle can operate in a range of industrial and commercial environments, offering superior performance and reliability.

Design and Manufacturing Process

The design of the Rotontek AGV Transaxle integrates advanced motor technology with precision manufacturing techniques. Our design process begins with a detailed evaluation of performance requirements. After developing an initial model, we move to the prototyping stage, where the design is tested for performance and reliability.

The manufacturing process involves high precision CNC machining, ensuring all parts fit perfectly with each other. To enhance durability, the transaxle is assembled in a cleanroom environment to prevent contamination. All components are then carefully inspected to meet stringent quality standards.

Transaxle for AGV Solution


The electric transaxles subject of our AGV Transaxle includes the following unique features:

  1. High Efficiency: With an efficiency rating of 85%, our AGV Transaxle reduces energy consumption and lowers operating costs.
  2. Powerful Performance: The AGV Transaxle's high torque and power output ensure it can handle heavy loads, making it perfect for industrial use.
  3. Durability: Thanks to the cleanroom assembly process and the use of high-quality materials, our AGV Transaxle boasts excellent durability.
  4. Robust Design: The Transaxle is designed to withstand harsh environments, with an IP54 rating indicating resistance to dust and water splashes.

Transaxle for AGV Solution

Rotontek's AGV Transaxle is an integral part of our comprehensive Transaxle for AGV solution. Our solution provides a complete system that can be easily integrated into a range of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

We understand the increasing demand for high-efficiency and robust AGV systems in today's fast-paced industrial environments. Hence, our AGV solution is designed to meet and exceed these demands, delivering outstanding reliability and performance.


With our robust AGV Transaxle, Rotontek continues to set industry standards. We deliver the highest quality products that offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring our customers receive the best solutions for their specific needs. Choose Rotontek's AGV Transaxle for a high-performance, durable, and efficient drive system.

Please visit our website for more detailed information on the electric transaxles subject. If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are more than happy to assist you.


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