What is the taste of liquor brewed by traditional solid-state method?

As we all know, Chinese liquor culture has been around for thousands of years. To this day, brewing is still spreading across the country. China is a vast country with a vast population and a variety of drinking habits.

Therefore, liquor brewing has its own characteristics throughout the country. However, THE MAIN line OF liquor BREWING is unchanged. The three steps of liquor brewing from raw materials - fermentation - distillation are also the basis of liquor brewing process.

In the process of liquor brewing, there is a solid brewing method, which is the traditional liquor brewing method, that is, the solid liquor method refers to the liquor produced by the solid matrix form in the main process of cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation and so on 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai. What is the taste of white wine produced by this method? Let's learn about it.

What is solid liquor?

Solid-state liquor is a traditional Chinese brewing technique. It is distilled by adding koji to selected grains. In order to keep the softness of fermented grains and pulp water, rice husk and sorghum husk would be added in the fermentation process. The requirements on the service life of pit, fermentation time and production and brewing technology were generally high, and most famous wines were made by solid brewing method.

​The solid and liquid method is what is called a string of wine brewing liquor, edible alcohol with the fermentation time is not long grain mixed steaming, let distilled liquor with the taste of food, some of them are the solid state method (not less than 10%) and liquid liquor (alcohol) according to certain proportion blending, some high copy brand liquor brewing method USES a solid liquid.

df4563bf4358a05657c37ea1cb9290eaBut nowadays, COMPARED WITH LIQUID LIQUOR, traditional SOLID-STATE LIQUOR has RICH flavor, while LIQUID LIQUOR lacks THE NATURAL sense OF solid-STATE LIQUOR.

In addition, a lot of research has been done in the industry, which basically solves the problem of liquor skeleton components such as low acid, low ester and high fusel oil in liquid fermentation and solid liquor. But it did not fundamentally solve the problems of weak taste and lack of flavor substances in liquid fermentation liquor. Therefore, compared with the differences in skeleton components such as low acid, low ester and high alcohol, the lack of flavor substance richness is the essential difference between liquid liquor and solid liquor.

Then, solid state method to produce liquor, due to no strict sterilization, such as raw materials in the process of production by raw materials, a variety of sources, such as air, the environment and bring a large number of diverse microorganisms to materials in the fermented grains, synergistic effect in the fermentation process, so the fragrance of output material is very rich, and these also plays a major role in the formation flavoring substances, It is the key factor that determines the aroma, taste, flavor and quality of liquor.

But Chinese people like to put some things together, think that solid liquor is better than liquid liquor, liquid liquor is not as good as semi-solid liquor, such an argument is still questionable.

Not exactly. Liquor brewing is a complicated and subtle process, and any change in the conditions of a certain link will affect the quality of liquor. Whether as a liquor producer or liquor consumer, you can judge liquor through such a standard: suitable for their own is the best!

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