5 thoughts on “What brands are there in the cosmetics counters of Zhengda Plaza”

  1. The cosmetics counters of Zhengda Plaza are: Sephora (Sephora), H2O, Dior Dior, Annasu, L'Oreal, L'Oreal, Shiseido, Clinique, Biotherm, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Beligi, Skii, Elizabeth Arden, HR Hina, Chan Yun Shi, Kose, CD

  2. Like Huaihai Store and Gubei Store, Sephora's third Zhengda Plaza store has brought together more than 50 well -known domestic and foreign brands including skin care, makeup, perfumes and nails, and hair care: Dior Dior, Lancome Lancome, Estee
    LAUDER Estee Lauder and other international first -line brands;
    Sephora's own brand's makeup and body skin care products;
    Phyto, a professional hair care brand from France exclusively.
    It, Sephora Sephora's first Korean brand Caolion Gao Lian will also go to the new store.

  3. Sephora (Sephora) on the first floor! Make -up skin and perfumes are all available! Guilan, Clinique, Dior is also very complete!
    The sets are more cost -effective.

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