2 thoughts on “What are the cheap rituals?”

  1. It depends on to what extent is cheap. Too cheap means that the quality is not good. If you want to promote the company's culture, I recommend MIDU gift custom card U disk. This card can be used as the company's cultural publicity. Exquisite, quality is also available, the price is cheap, you can try

  2. If the other party likes to eat and drink, then give him some specialty specialties while asking for dinner. If he likes to read a book, some books he has recently read can be given to a set of hardcover novels or masterpieces. If he is particularly Gu family, he can give his family or children some memorable gifts. The selection is not particularly valuable, but there are friendships with friendship. All kinds of things are different, and the knowledge of gifts is really amazing. In short, grasp a little, and give gifts to others' hearts, so that it can work.

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