3 thoughts on “Is it reliable to buy a ring at Tmall Liufu Flagship Store? Is it genuine buying jewelry online?”

  1. Flagship stores are usually directly operated by manufacturers. They are not agent joining the nature. Generally, quality is reliable, especially brand flagship stores.
    News defined by genuine and sidelines for jewelry products are not accurate. Each gem or semi -gem has its own industry execution standards such as: diamond stone level 4C level, the density, refractive index, structure, spectrum, ... ··· In this range, it is a real A goods.
    , some indicators can only be felt with the senses, defects, cracks, and ribbons ... This is the crust of natural change products, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, each of which is unique. It is precisely because of the flaws that the authenticity can be distinguished. The high goods and the primary entrance level are all authentic. Only the price is high and there is no genuine and sideline.
    News' non -massive imitations can be like glass beads. Many jewelery buying flaws online says that non -genuine is not genuine.
    If insisted to choose the so -called genuine (no time), the possibility of buying fakes is very high. After all, there is no probability that the gemstone generated in nature is very small, and the price is also unbearable for ordinary people.

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