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  1. There are many ways to identify gold jewelry. The Chinese folk summarizes a set of simple methods. The formula is: seeing color, weight, listening rhyme, folding hardness, stone grinding, contrasting cards, use of acid dots, and coloring. The first four sentences depends on the eyes and the feeling; the latter four sentences need to be used by tools and reagents.
    1. Seeing color
    The different luster and color of gold can be generally distinguished from pure gold, K gold, real gold, and fake gold. That is, gold is better with red yellow, and the color is more than 95%; the positive yellow color is about 80%; the blue and yellow color is about 70%; the yellow color is slightly gray and the color is about 50%. Therefore, there is a formula for "seven greens, eight yellow, nine five red, and yellow leucorrhea ash. For jewelry from Jiu Tibet, there will be a saying that "copper turns green, silver turns black, and gold will never change color".
    2. Seeing density
    The density of gold is 19.32 grams/cubic centimeter, which is about double the same volume of silver, lead, and tin. Available formula: The mass (gram) of a certain gold jewelry (gram) is equal to density than the volume (cubic centimeter) of a certain gold jewelry (cubic centimeter). Seeking the density of the gold jewelry measured, the density is about 19.32 grams/cubic centimeter, it is pure gold or more pure gold, otherwise it is a non -pure gold or color difference gold (this method has no destructiveness to the jewelry).
    3. Folding hardness
    Gold has the characteristics of ductility and small hardness, and can be pressed into thin pieces of 12.7 microns. When the color is high, marks can be left with large head needles or nails. More than 97%of gold jewelry, after twisting two or three times, wrinkles appear at the bending, also called fish scales; about 95%of gold jewelry, it feels hard when bending, and the fish scales are not obvious; about 90%of the golden gold golden gold; The jewelry is very hard when the bending is bent, without fish scales; gold jewelry containing more impurities, bend twice or three times to break; if it is made for raw gold, the bend is broken. When using this method, the width and thickness of the jewelry should be considered. The thick and width should be hardened, and the thin and narrow ones are softer.

  2. How to identify authenticity gold, the first way to draw a few times with a needle, scratch is true. The second method is baked with a lighter. The real gold is not afraid of the fire. If you fall on the table, the sound is more dull.

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  4. Call the weight: Gold every 19.32g/cm3. With a little soil, it is burned with fire. The so -called real gold is not afraid of fire. Essence Essence Or bite with your teeth, usually gold can be used to get a tooth print, if it is fake, it is usually not bitter. If you want to buy gold jewelry, it is best to go to a regular gold shop. You can first look at the price (Huijin Gold Network) and then make plans.

  5. Only enough gold and thousands of gold. I have not heard thousands of feet. It may be a business term. Thousands of gold are marked with 999 (which means the purity of 99.99). Foot gold is a purity of 99.96). This is just a selling point.

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