How does household light choose? Table lamp /led lamp optional introduction

Renting for three years, every time I move I will choose a different lamp, the original will be used to dispose of. Aside from my obsession with matching the layout of my current rental, I really want to start over for a change.

Reading under yellow light, working under white light, the sense of atmosphere is extremely valuable to me. ​Thus over the years, I have accumulated some lamp selection experience today to share with you.

About the description of the table lamp, try not to only go to see the page of propaganda description, such as "eye protection lamp" no blue light "no strobe"... Such as propaganda terms, directly look at the parameters and indicators. There's 5mm led strip.

What index does the desk lamp choose and buy need to notice?

From the table lamp classification there are three categories: LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp.

From my personal point of view, halogen lamps, CFLS, LED lamps, as long as the quality of the light source is excellent enough, can be used with confidence.

7464ea380801ea5b599a76852e093bb3It's not necessarily about what type of lamp you want, because we judge whether a lamp is worth buying by the indicator of light source, not the type.

Buy desk lamps need to pay special attention to a few indicators: illuminance, color index, color temperature, blue light, strobe.

Pay attention to the choice

Indicator 1: Illuminance (unit: LUX)

The so-called illuminance, that is, we normally say that the light is not bright. Uneven illumination will make the eyes regularly adjust the movement of the target, easily causing eye fatigue. According to the national standard, the reading time illumination should be no less than 300 LUX.

Illumination and evenness should be rated at minimum A, better yet AA. For better eye protection, use AA level illumination preferentially.


Note: Some businesses known as the lamp is AAA level, this is the standard of Shenzhen Institute of measurement and detection, not the national standard. There are currently only A and AA national standards.

Indicator 2: Color development index (unit: RA)

Color rendering index is a measure of the consistency between the color presented by the light source on the object and the color presented by the object itself.

The larger the color rendering index, the better the reduction of the color of the object. The lower the color rendering index, the color of the object will be distorted. For general lighting, it is recommended to choose a light source with color rendering index (RA) >80.

Different visual perception of fruit under different color rendering index

Indicator 3: Color temperature (Unit: K)

Color temperature refers to the temperature of the light, color temperature value determines the comfort of the light.

​Typically when we choose table lamp, LED lamp color temperature in the range of 3710~4260K (warm white) is more pleasant. If it is a table lamp with adjustable color temperature, it is better to adjust it to about 4000 K, which is similar to natural light.

Correspondence between standard light source and color temperature

Indicator 4: Blue light

​Overly much blue light can damage your eyes, which is why businesses frequently advertise no blue light. Blue light harm can not be avoided, but can choose the lowest level of harm index.

Blue light hazards are classified into four levels: no hazard (RG0), low hazard (RG1), moderate hazard (RG2), and high hazard (RG3). When we choose a table lamp, try to choose an RG0 table lamp, so we don't have to worry about blue light.


Indicator 5: Stroboscopic

​The Stroboscopic problem is also unavoidable, the business publicity of no stroboscopic in fact is to minimize the frequency. Stroboscopic can easily cause visual fatigue, dizziness, etc., serious may cause vision loss, headache, etc.

When DESK lamp OF choose and buy, CHOOSE FREQUENCY TO BE GREATER THAN 3125Hz as much as possible, need not worry so. At this stage, all table lamps should achieve no strobe effect.

Another way to test the strobe is to turn on the desk lamp to focus the video on your phone. If there is a "strobe" phenomenon in the picture, you can judge that there is a strobe.

Besides the production cost of appearance and design, the price difference of different desk lamps essentially still is above a few indicators that I say above.

Personal advice: If you're a desk writer or a home-schooler, choose a lamp that meets all five criteria. The DESK LAMP THAT PROTECT AN EYE IS A ADORNMENT ADVERTISEMENT WORD ONLY, WE SHOULD CHOOSE TRUE THROUGH QUALIFIED INDEX "PROTECT AN EYE" DESK LAMP.

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