4 thoughts on “What are the steps of jewelry processing into jewelry?”

  1. Taking Capa Jewelry as an example: After the customer put forward the requirements of creativity and jewelry design, the Capa jewelry can be carried out in six processes, namely: design sketches, project three views, CAD layout, CAD model, finished product processing. QC control. Designing sketches in these six processes is the main process of communicating with consumers. The subsequent process is the continuous improvement of craftsmanship. In the industrial process, the main design and process are mainly divided into two parts. Beijing's design power is the strongest in the country and Shenzhen is the most complete process. Capa Jewelry is a combination of Beijing's top jewelry design and exquisite processing technology in Shenzhen. Note: Capa jewelry is different from merchants, mainly because customers can choose materials themselves, their creative shapes (and can participate in the design and put forward their own creativity and jewelry design requirements). First present your dream of jewelry in the 3D animation environment. After the design is completed, the Kaba jewelry will be processed into a product of jewelry.)

  2. Modern jewelry production is generally used in wax casting technology. Using the intermediate media of wax and using precision casting technology to transform the original version of the original version into hundreds of thousands of products.
    General processing steps must be passed:
    Design-> Original Model (Edition)-> Pressing rubber molds-> open rubber membrane-> waxing-> wax modes-- > Planting wax trees-> Plaster powder-> Lost wax burning injection-> cleaning embryo-> Model-> Stone inlaid-> polishing-> cleaning and drying-> electroplating-> QC-> Products.

  3. Generally, the following processing steps are required:
    design-> original mold (starting)-> pressing rubber mold-> open rubber film-> waxing wax repair model-> plant wax tree -> Plaster powder-> Lost wax burning note-> Washing embryo-> Modeling-> Stone inlaid-> polishing-> cleaning and drying-> electroplating-> qc-> Products. The process is more complicated

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