4 thoughts on “The long time of the diamond ring will be dull, how to make the diamond ring restore the same as before?”

  1. Diamonds can be said to be a very eye -catching jewelry. It is shiny like a star, and colorful diamonds bring a colorful world. The diamond ring is also darker for a long time, so how to make the diamond ring restore the same way at this time?
    diamond is a very hard ornament, and it will not be melted even in the fire. The significance people like it is that this decoration is not just beautiful, it is very solid, it can eternal, it can eternal. Spread.
    So what are the maintenance methods of diamond ring? The following editors will teach you a few tricks to make your diamond ring more durable.

    The first, the diamond ring should be careful not to contact the hard object when wearing it everyday. of.
    Secondly, although the diamond is extremely hard, it is afraid of impact. If the ring is designed to be embedded in the claws, it is easy to hit the diamonds after impact, so it will be troublesome.
    Third, the diamond ring is pro -oil. If it is stained with oil when wearing, the diamond will be polluted, which makes the diamond contain ugly impurities, causing the diamond ring to lose its original water.

    Fourth, the diamond ring is also afraid of chloride. When you swim, you should pay attention to remove your diamond ring, otherwise it will be corroded by the chloride in the swimming pool, causing the diamond to lose the original original s color.
    Fifth, if the diamond ring is dirty, you should go to a professional cleaning shop to clean it. If you can't find a local professional cleaning shop, you can use water to clean it, or you can put some mild cleaning solution, but you should pay attention to it. After cleaning, use clean cotton cloth to gently wipe it.

    It the maintenance method of diamond ring maintenance method. It means that everyone can use a small sister -in -law or a small toothpick to move the diamond. If there is a loose phenomenon, you can tighten it yourself.

  2. During the process of cleaning the housework, either take the ring down or wear a glove, and when you clean up some kitchen dirt, remember not to let too much oil and water occupy your hands.

  3. You should buy some detergent, put the ring into a container, pour into the detergent, pour in the appropriate amount of water, soak it for a period of time brushing with a toothbrush, so that the diamond ring can restore the original appearance.

  4. Mainly cleaning methods are: Quick cleaning: Go to the jewelry shop to buy diamond cleaning liquid and clean diamond jewelry according to the instructions. Professional cleaning: Diamond jewelry is delivered to a professional jewelry shop every February-March for maintenance, including cleaning, renovation, and checking whether the diamond is loose.

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