1 thought on “Is it true that the two golden golds from Zhao Benshan's search are true?”

  1. Fake ,,,,, all rumors have come out. Essence Essence Essence
    Prosty actors, Zhao Benshan's apprentice Cheng Ye sent a Weibo in the early morning of January 2, saying "On the first day of 2015, Master (Zhao Benshan) came to power, the audience was very happy! Bless everyone every day! Happy New Year!". This Weibo is also equipped with a video that is often more than 3 minutes. Zhao Benshan appeared on the stage and asked the audience under the audience.

    Cheng Ye reposted a netizen@--"Zhao Benshan came out today! Zhao Benshan took the stage to personally rumor and humorously said that I had 20 tons of gold in my family. I am in the morning. Get up everywhere, find it out, didn't find it? The words were humorous and vivid. Then he performed two shows and sang a song. The superb acting skills conquered the audience and applauded. Everyone was for the people. Grassroots artist Zhao Benshan applauded. "

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