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  1. Thousands of gold is 24K.
    Theoretically 100%gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality, it is impossible to have 100%gold. Essence
    Wanli foot gold: The gold content is not less than 999.9 ‰. The imprint is Wanfu Gold, 999.9 Gold, AU999.9 or G999.9.
    Pucting information:
    In the announcement of the newly implemented in the "Regulations on the Pureth of Purple Metals and Names" according to the latest national compulsory standard GB11887-2012 " Gold, "Thousands of Gold", "24K Gold" and other calligraphy. And unified called Foot gold.
    This to the product name in the label (certificate) of precious metal jewelry can only include four contents: purity, material, gem name, and jewelry varieties.
    For example, the gold content of 999.0 ‰ of the Hetian jade ring, which is named "Foot Gold and Tianyu Ring". The names such as "Footjin 999 Hetian Jade Ring", 999 Football and Tianyu Ring "," Foot Jin and Tianyu Ring (AU999) "are all wrong. Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Wanfu Gold

  2. According to Q/CLSS001-2007 corporate standards, we call the content of 99.99%of it. Wanzujin adopts the golden melting process, with a purity of 99.99%of the supreme gold products. Thousands of gold is pureer than Qianzujin. Wanzujin surpasses national jewelry standards. It guarantees 99.99%of the product color. It ensures the overall unity of the quality of gold jewelry. And because the purity of 24K theoretical is 100%, it cannot be achieved in actual life, so if you must use K to measure 10,000 enough gold, that person thinks that "less and infinitely close to" 24K.

  3. 24K, because the gold content of 10,000 pounds reaches 99.9%, and theoretically 100%gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality, it is impossible to have 100%gold. Therefore, China stipulates that the content reaches 99.6%( Gold containing 99.6%) can be called 24K gold.
    The gold content is not less than 999.9, which is called 10,000 -foot gold, which is the highest value named in market circulation in the market circulation. However, it is not among the national standards, and the mark is the printed, 999.9 gold, AU999.9, or G999.9. The mark of gold jewelry includes manufacturers' code, materials and purity, such as: X Gold 990, XAU990, X -foot gold, etc. Among them, letters X are the manufacturer code. When making jewelry with different materials or different purifications, materials and purity should be represented separately. When the jewelry cannot be printed due to too thin or too small, it should be attached to the logo containing the mark content.

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